Get simple access to Yellowstone and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities right out your door

For some of the most iconic places in Yellowstone, our accommodations will put you just about as close to the action as possible.
You’ll find your one-minute access to Yellowstone opens the park up to you and you’ll discover the North Entrance is your favorite entrance to Yellowstone.

Places to See from Gardiner, Montana

You’ll find there’s so much to do near Gardiner that you’ll wish you could stay longer. Many guests tell us the hardest part of their vacation here is leaving. Check out options below along with their distance from most of our properties, then pick the accommodations that are best for your vacation.

The Roosevelt Arch and Arch Park: <1 mile

As the gateway to Yellowstone, founded in 1872, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to the impressive and triumphal Roosevelt Arch. The 50-foot arch with a 30-foot-tall opening is supported by two 12-foot-wide columns, and welcomes visitors to the Yellowstone frontier with the famous inscription: “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.”

Mammoth Hot Springs: 5 miles

Mammoth Hot Springs is where Yellowstone National Park headquarters reside, making it a great place to get information about the park. But you’re likely to see bears, elk, bison, and more right in the town of Mammoth Hot Springs.

And the namesake springs are gorgeous travertine terraces that will set the stage for everything else you see in Yellowstone.

Tower Falls: 25 miles

The north end of Yellowstone is well-known for hosting the most dramatic and inspiring waterfalls in the park. Tower Falls cascades down 132 feet in a geographically rich area with natural rock spires just off the Yellowstone River.

Norris Geyser Basin: 26 miles

At Norris Geyser Basin, you’ll find some of the most dramatic and inspiring thermal features in Yellowstone. Walk along charming boardwalks through the aptly named Porcelain Basin. If you’re lucky, you might catch an eruption of the tallest geyser in the park (300 feeet), the recently reawakened Steamboat Geyser. See the hottest (280 degrees Fahrenheit) thermal feature in the park at Black Growler Steam Vent. Watch Ledge Geyser spew water 125 feet in the air. And see colorful springs like Whale’s Mouth, Emerald Spring, Congress Pool, and more.

Canyon Village and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone: 38 miles

Canyon Village is host to the The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, an impressive canyon as much as 1,200 feet deep. The star attractions nearby include Artist’s Point, wildlife-heavy Hayden Valley, Mt. Washburn, and the largest waterfall in Yellowstone: Lower Falls of the Yellowstone. The 308-foot waterfall can send as much as 63,500 gallons of water every second on the ride of its life. And that is a sight worth seeing.

Wildlife Watching in Lamar Valley: 38 miles

Lamar Valley is the most popular wildlife viewing area in all of Yellowstone. Wildlife watchers sometimes spend weeks there viewing wolves, grizzlies, black bears, pronghorn antelope, moose, elk, and more. This thriving ecosystem close to Gardiner hosts all the major wildlife people love to see. And Gardiner, along with the Yellowstone Condos and Suites offers you the simplest access.

Yellowstone Lake: 54 miles

The historic Lake Hotel, a colonial-style hotel built in 1891 and originally accepting visitors traveling by horse and carriage, adds personality to the pristine waters of Yellowstone Lake. Enjoy the fishing on the lake, take a boat ride, or otherwise enjoy the atmosphere at Yellowstone’s largest lake and the biggest high-elevation lake in North America at 132 square miles.

Old Faithful Geyser Basin: 56 miles

The big one. Almost everyone who comes to Yellowstone wants to see Old Faithful spew heated water as much as 180 feet in the air on its predictable 60-to-90-minute eruption intervals. Don’t want to wait around? Explore the boardwalks around the attached geyser basins and find other thermal treasures.

Things to Do in Gardiner, Montana

Gardiner is the perfect gateway to Yellowstone, but there’s plenty to do close by or even in town.

Discover local restaurants ranging from mouth-watering steakhouses to fresh-bread bakeries. Enjoy a charming downtown shopping district. And find adventure activities, hot springs, and more nearby.

Adventure Activities

Get your adrenaline pumping with adventure activities

Find the best things to do in Gardiner — the activities you’ll never forget.


Recharge After Long Yellowstone Days with Local Cuisine

Eat an elk burger, snag a bison steak, or eat farm-fresh local foods that will recharge you for your next long day in Yellowstone.

Local Shopping and Groceries

Get Your Essentials — and Your Souvenirs Close By

Find all you need to complete your vacation with the distinctive small-town shopping in Gardiner.

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